Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the more frequently asked questions that
our customer service team encounters on a regular basis.

Is B4 Logistics licensed, bonded and insured?

Yes, that documentation can be made available upon request.

Can you move loads in and out of Canada and Mexico?

Yes, we move loads throughout the 48 states, Canada and Mexico.

How long will delivery take?

Transit time varies with the mode of service you select. When you request your quote or place your order a customer service team member will give you an estimate of the transit time.

Is transit time guaranteed on LTL ground shipments?

It depends on the service level you request. We offer two types of LTL ground service: Expedited LTL (date-specific) and Common Carrier (not date-specific). See below for more common questions about LTL shipping.

What types of payment do you accept?

B4 Logistics accepts all major credit cards. In addition, you may choose to pay by bank wire. Pre-payment by company check may be possible, but must be arranged in advance. Looking to establish terms? Call us to find out how much credit you qualify for. We can usually review and approve credit in 24 hours or less.

What documents will I need when exporting my shipment?

Document requirements vary significantly from one country to another. However, nearly all shipments will require a minimum of (a) a typewritten commercial invoice on your company’s letterhead, (b) a typewritten packing slip, (c) a signed Power of Attorney form and (d) a properly completed Bill of Lading form.

Does B4 Logistics pick up and/or deliver on the weekend?

Yes, we can with proper notice. Just let us know that you need a weekend pick-up or delivery and we will make arrangements to provide that service.

Does B4 Logistics, Inc. maintain Contingent Cargo Insurance?

Yes, we are currently covered up to $250,000.

Does B4 ship household items like furniture?

If you have ANY house hold items, such as furniture and appliances, we do not transport these items. It is best to call a moving company, or a company that specializes in moving household items, furniture, artwork or anything that is easily damaged and may require special packaging, or blanket wrap service.

If my shipment's pick-up or delivery time changes, are you able to adjust accordingly?

We always try to be flexible with time changes. At B4 Logistics, we understand that “changes happen” are able to easily adjust plans to address each client’s needs.

LTL Shipping Questions

What is a volume quote?

A volume quote is when we actually call a common carrier and tell them exactly what the shipment will consist of and how much space is needed. The carrier will give a price based on the space that is required and the weight. Generally, you can get a volume quote if you have over six pallets, or 4000 lbs, or palletized freight that is easy to load and unload off of the trailer.

What are the advantages of getting a volume quote?

A lot of the time a volume quote is cheaper than putting the freight on a private truck, the bad part is it generally takes a volume shipment several extra days to arrive. This is because the carrier may transport your freight a couple pallets at a time to they get all of the freight to the terminal, then it is all put together on a trailer for delivery.

Does B4 Logistics also ship via a common carrier?

Yes, but if you decide to ship LTL via a common carrier, we must have the proper dimensions of the shipment. This means providing the exact length x width x height as well as the correct weight. Pallets or the freight in general cannot be more than 96” tall. We must also know what the shipment is, so we may contact the carrier and get a freight class and NMFC number to identify to the carrier what the shipment is, and how easily the freight can be damaged.

What about shipping small machinery or other awkward items?

If you need to ship small machinery, or other items that cannot fit easily on a van, we can use a flatbed, or a step-deck to move your freight. The benefit of these is that the freight can be loaded from the side, or easily lifted of the truck with a crane. The driver can also easily tarp the machinery to keep it protected or dry.

What about using a private carrier?

If your freight cannot go with other freight, is time sensitive, or you prefer not to use one of the common carriers, we can use a private carrier to pickup and deliver your freight. Generally with a private carrier, we can get a definite delivery date and time, and can track the freight better.

What are the advantages of using a private carrier?

Your freight is not moved on and off the trailer like a common carrier does. If you are shipping something cross country, it can get loaded, and unloaded several times, as the carrier goes to different hubs, to unload the freight, and put with other freight going in the same direction.

How do I get the proper freight class info?

The length x width x height as well as the weight must be accurate to obtain the proper freight class. To get the best price possible, it is very important to get the proper freight class and NMFC number for the freight you are shipping. There are 18 different freight classes from class 50 being durable, hard to damage freight, like bricks or steel, to class 500, which is ping pong balls, or pillows.

Why is the proper freight class info so important?

The proper freight class is also a guide for the carrier when they are loading the trailers, so they know what freight can be stacked on top of other freight without damaging anything. If your shipment is going on a private carrier, the NMFC number is not needed just accurate dimensions, and a description of the freight.

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