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We are a small family style trucking company looking for Class A Long Haul Drivers to expand our family with. We are small enough where you are treated like a person with respect, not just a number. Still large enough to make GOOD money on a regular basis as we are also a Licensed Broker, and broker our own loads.


  • Medical provided for driver (with option to pay for family)
  • Retirement available after a year
  • Passengers are able to ride (with written permission)
  • Pets are able to ride with driver (no deposit, but responsible for damage)
  • All trucks are less than five years old (Trucks/Trailers are well maintained, power inverter and built in refrigerators in all trucks)
  • There are no cameras watching you. We do not dictate every minute of your day. Each company driver is treated more like an owner/operator.
  • Must have had CDL for two years (Reefer experience a plus but not required)
  • Have a “clean” driving record (record reviewed case by case basis)

    CALL TODAY TO LEARN MORE (800) 204-6144

    ABOUT B4…

    Starting in the early 1970’s, Gayle Bergstrom entered the world of trucking, and current C.E.O of B4 Logistics, Brad Bergstrom, was introduced to his first “big rig” and refrigerated transportation.

    Washing his first refrigerated trailer at age 11, dispatching his first truck at 12, and relaying a green back number (for those who still remember them) to drivers at 13, Brad moved through the ranks of the transportation industry. Washing trucks, lumping freight for drivers, working as a warehouseman, dispatching regional routes, directing national safety and brokering refrigerated freight nationally were some of the duties and skills Brad performed and acquired along the way.  As well as trucking, Brad’s passion for playing and coaching athletics throughout college and beyond played an integral part in developing the character and management skills essential for managing a business.  With Brad’s experience, B4 Logistics was founded in Feb 2005.

    Chief Operating Officer of B4 Logistics, Chris Cornell, has been with B4 since the beginning.  Chris’ dedication and commitment set that benchmark for the company.  For 11 years, Chris has been the first one in the building and the last one to leave, every-single-day.  Chris’ work ethic has been one of the main contributors to creating and sustaining B4’s success.

    From the inception to date, B4 Logistics has transported millions of pounds of refrigerated food across North America. Companies such as; Reser’s Fine Foods, Costco, Walmart, Safeway, Albertsons, Raley’s, Winn Dixie, Us Foods, Piazza Pizza, Townsend Farms and many others have partnered with B4 Logistics for reliable daily service.

    With a solid foundation in refrigerated transportation, and a loyal team that has been together for more than a decade, B4 felt ready to expand into the Heavy Haul transportation sector.

    Dane Williams, COO of B4 Heavy Haul, has grown the Heavy Haul division of the company using many of the same basic company principles of exceptional communication, dependable deliveries, and reliable availability.

    B4 Logistics and B4 Heavy Haul’s competitive rates and quality service have companies like Custom Cooler, Titan Metal Fabrication, Sunbelt Transformer, Hatch Stamping, Tricon Industries and American Machines frequently utilizing our services when they need a project completed on time and without hassle.

    In 2012, B4 Transportation was formed and merged with Valhalla Transportation to form a trucking company and complete the company’s mission to become a full service logistics company. Exemplary dedication from Chris and Robert Cornell has given B4 Logistics the leverage to expand in a multitude of company-wide ventures.

    The future is very bright at B4 Logistics.  As new generations bring new and fresh ideas in marketing and technology, B4 Logistics has the utmost intention to evolve and position the company in places to offer the most reliable and affordable transportation services to both the refrigerated and heavy haul industries.